TRACKS With No Lead Vocal - Shades of Red Album

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TRACKS With No Lead Vocal - Shades of Red Album


If you'd like to get the tracks of the songs with everything but the lead vocal, you've come to the right place!  This has 10 of the 11 songs from the band's debut album, Shades of Red.  You can simply import these to iTunes or whatever media player you use to sync to your phone or burn to disc, then you're ready to sing them at church for a special or anywhere else!  

*To insert them into iTunes, simply drag and drop the downloaded folder of song into a new playlist in iTunes and you're done. 

1. Purchase 

2. Click prompt "Your purchase includes downloads, download them here"

3. Once downloaded, unzip the folder (depends on your PC if you need to) 

4. In iTunes, Create New Playlist - call it "TRACKS Nothin Left" 

5. Drag the mp3s from the downloaded folder into this new Playlist in iTunes

6 *Optional - To burn to CD, right click the playlist and select "Burn to Disc" 

7 *Optional - Bring your iPhone to church and first inform your sound man that they'll be running the tracks from your iPhone/iPad...  

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