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Worlds Collide 

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We are nothin left


Based out of Lima, OH, we're a Christian rock band aimed at bringing the hope of Jesus Christ through music experimental punk/hard rock.  We hope to give concert-goers and fans an experience they'll remember forever! 


Vocals, Guitar / Isaac Koogler

Lead Vocals / Jessica Koogler

Lead Guitar / Joel Tubman

Bass / Evan Lewis

Drums / Jim Lewis 


NL Header RED.jpg
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shades of red Tour

News & Updates



Aug. 7, 2017 

We're playing up at Seeking Ministries Aug 12th!  Join us! Info

Music Video Is Out!  Check it out here! 

June 23, 2017 

Our Album Is Out!!!!!! 

Check it out! 

Nothin Left has signed to Innovate Records and is releasing our debut album summer, 2017! 

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Shades of Red

by Nothin Left